Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BigamE. Evie's bite of the apple

And so it is.
I have finally lent the dulcet tones (or not, you decide) to the first chapter of BigamE.  My, I give so much credit to those actors who record audio books!  I won't blather on, Evie will speak for herself.
BigamE isn't one of those Joe Dever books where you get to decide what the heroine does next, but I would be interested to know what you think she *should* do. 
Who votes for the Lorena Bobbit or Catherine Becker plan of attack? 


  1. Thanks to Chavdar Petkov for his invaluable help!

  2. i'd wish you luck but it appears to be superfluous. besides, you know you don't need it anyway, and it doesn't exist even if you did. (ahhh, the joys of self determination in a predetermined universe cuz ya just can't box a paradox)
    as for Evie making de(in)cisive plan of attack, although it might be momentarily gratifying, is that really the hammer that she wants wield in Valhalla?